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Scrolling as Defender
Topic Started: January 27, 2018, 5:04 am (462 Views)

Scrolling as defender has it's benefits, but it also requires much more attention, to be able to scroll as defender efficiently there are few things to know.
Why would you want to scroll as defender -
1) You can force ends when attacker finishes last
2) Attacker gets 5th spawn spot
3) You get a better positioning compared to collector scroll
4) Unlike collector you can force ends, cause you're not busy with your role.

Things you should know about defender when scrolling -
1) When trying to force end after the death of a ranger or a fighter, unlike healer or or runner, they don't break the interface, basically, best way to know when they're dead is when eggs spawn.
2) When forcing wave ends, be careful not to force too early, otherwise you'd just stall spawns, this is mainly a problem on earlier waves where attack didn't manage to get all reserves out yet.
3) Repairing the trap is a stall, you need to time it correctly so you don't stall spawns by repairing the trap.

Basically, if you wanna scroll defender I myself would recommend using Dren's one log and false trap method, to reduce the amount of repairs that are needed, and waves 1-5 only repair on wave 3. I would also assume that people that work with a timer could find out how many ticks the stall is, and therefore time their repairs easily, personally I don't do it, but I do see the benefits in it. Also, on wave 9 make sure you pay much more attention, running out of food at one of the drop spots is more likely to occur.
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After talking to henke he told me that trap repair takes 4 ticks, so basically, anyone with a timer can repair anywhere between 0-3.6 seconds within the 6 seconds loop.
We also discussed how viable it is for people who don't use the 1 log method, I'm not sure you can pull off 2-2-2 on waves 6,7&10 without stalling, if anyone knows differently please let me know.
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2-2-2 on 6/7 is actually quite possible, at least with my method. I'm usually back at trap right in time for call change (unless healer reaggros were not nice) and then drop a food + fix trap immediately after calling.

Wave 10 is kind of weird, and I'm not sure how people do 2-2-2 in the first place while still delaying for healers. But even if you do get back in time to do it, I think you have to wait for the last runner to spawn and do 2-3-1 or 2-4 instead. Unless you are completely ignoring healer delay, you get back too late to fix the trap and not delay the spawns.

Edit: On wave 6/7 you do have to wait a bit after you multi the 3rd and 4th runners or else you will delay the healer spawn. You have to watch for the runners to start their movement and then fix. You can get a lure on the 42 healer with that delay, but you can't get it lured to the north, which you want on wave 6. Wave 7 obviously the 42 doesn't matter anyway. So this only matters if your healer is doing OS wave 6. I'll try and get more data to confirm this though.
Edited by Apttitude, February 7, 2018, 2:42 pm.
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Alright so I've done a lot of testing and found that you can still get a 42s reserve north lured with 2-2-2 without delaying any spawns. Here is an example:

Spoiler: click to toggle

Notice the timing of trap fix. At :41 in the video I delay fixing the trap until the tick the 42s healer spawns. I then fix the trap and instantly spam click to the lure spot and get there in the last possible tick to still keep the healer north lured. There is pretty much no room for error, but as long as you fix trap right after the healer spawns you should be fine.

Conclusion: 2-2-2 and 2-3-2 are still viable with def scroll as long as you are mindful of spawns and have good timing.

I will add that in my experience, def scroll is very useful in saving time, especially with an attacker that is not as good at forcing. If you have an attacker that is very good at forcing, the time save is less noticable. But the number of attackers who consistently force wave ends is somewhat limited. If you are a good defender and want to save some time, consider learning def scroll.
Edited by Apttitude, February 14, 2018, 4:41 am.
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