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BA Dictionary
Topic Started: May 5, 2015, 1:41 pm (1,697 Views)

A, Att=Attacker role
Alt=Alternate account
D, Def=Defender role, Defensive attack style
C, Coll=Collector role
H, Heal=Healer role

Fe=Fighter East map
Fs (F s)= Fighter South
Re (R e)= Ranger East
R s=Ranger South
Tg=Trap glitched healer (unpoisoned and stuck on defender trap)
E, Early= 3rd runner on waves 2 and 3 spawned before 2nd call
M=Poison Meat
T=(Poison) Tofu
W=(Poison) Worms
Acc=Accurate attack style
Agg=Aggressive attack style
Cont=Controlled attack style
B= Blue eggs
Bg=Blue egg first call, green egg 2nd call
Br=Blue egg first call, red egg 2nd call
R=Red eggs/Ready
Rg=Red eggs first call, green egg 2nd call
Rb=Red eggs first call, blue egg 2nd call
Conving=Egg conversion in progress
CHAD=Collector->Healer->Attacker->Defender (order in which a yellow egg is passed during wave 10)
Run west= when attacking/collecting, you should always run along the western side of the western cannon to avoid luring healers
Block= Disrupting/altering the runner's path
Run through (defender)=when one runs through the defender stacking runners
Round- Waves 1-10
121-(Meat, Worms, Meat) etc
123- (Worms, Tofu, Meat) etc
Leech+1=1 more member needed for full team. +2, +3, etc
logs- At the logs in the north (e.g. last healer is located at the logs)
trap- At the trap (usually east but can also be west - to give location of last healer for example)
Need sub= needs a substitute to fill in
Mid=middle map
Sr=shoot runner
Qs=Quick start(leave wave and re-enter to skip 30 second wait time)
A2g=attacker to go (H2g, C2g, D2g).
Unp=unpoisoned healer
Sar'd- when the scroller (/leader of the team) tries to climb down the ladder before setting his/her own role.
T+# - Trial team being formed
L+# - Leech team being formed
F+# - Fun team being formed
S+# - Speed team being formed
P+# - Premium leech team being formed
Kappa - Just laugh along ye
Tyfr - thank you for the rounds
Drenspread - when your monsters spreads so awfully it gets annoying to play
b.N. - before Nowe's hiatus (+- 15 Oktober 2015)
a.N. - after Nowe's hiatus (+- 15 Oktober 2015)

Let me know if I missed any! kappa

Edited by Gau Cho, May 7, 2018, 12:27 pm.
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G Fruit

You forgot logs = log spawn
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Great Auk
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what ? :D
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you forgot premwhore and role hogger, I'm sure there are some other nice names like those that just aren't jumping to mind atm...L
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