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2nd Ba Services / Totus Ba Tournament Event


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Jun 11, 2018
Arthur / Soric / Connad
Hi All,

After what was truly a great success of an event back in 2017 with the completionist clan Totus, we are pleased to announce that another Bas / Totus Ba Tournament will be held this month! This will be the first Ba Services event for 2019, and will be a great way to kick off a year where we intend to bring back more regular clan events, and especially crossover events with other clans. So, get excited! Also, please keep in mind that this Ba Tournament is a fun event, rather than a competitive one.

This is a sign-up event! If you want to join a team, please fill out the following google doc HERE.
(There may only be limited places if you don't sign-up in advance. Also, if you have difficulty with the sign-up form, feel free to contact a star to sign-up instead).

Here are the event details:
Date: January 26
th 2019
Time: 7PM / 19:00PM GMT
Starting World: 342
Starting Location: Barbarian Assault Lobby
Sign-up link: Click here.

The system will be the same as our last tournament, which is:

  1. Everyone who will be SURE they are available to play on that day and time can volunteer to be added to a team.
  2. The event organisers will make up as many teams as possible mixing up Totus members and BAS members in the teams. The teams will be set up to be equal in skill-level.
  3. You will all have a set amount of time once the teams have been announced to practice, should you decide to.
The Tournament:
  1. Teams will run ONCE, and a certain amount (dependent on total teams) will be selected to join the next phase which from then on will be a single elimination bracket style tournament. We will use the first phase for seeding purposes for the bracket.
  2. The fastest time from the first phase will secure the #1 seed for the bracket. In the first round, The #1 seed will face-off VS the #8 seed, #2 VS #7, #3 VS #6, and #4 VS #5. The bracket will be created upon completion of the first phase.
  3. Teams will be called in wave 1 by a vouched referee from BA Services OR Totus. Be ready outside of wave 1 for your turn.
Note: In the FIRST phase only, in case of a DC or if the team have a bad start or so, they are allowed to have ONE retry attempt. If by any means the team decide to reset to wave 1 already on their 2nd attempt, they ought to be disqualified.

BA gameplay related rules:
  • Switching Roles mid-round is NOT allowed.
  • Wave end Forces are allowed.
  • You must have duo-attackers.
  • OS'ing is allowed
Note: These rules & event details are subject to change.

Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all for the event!

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