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Leech defender crash and relure


Wtf Monster

You should already know: multikill. proper staggering, luring mechanics. There is a hole for leech defending atm in guides and this one will help to get better, faster and most consistent waves.
I'll add clips later to help understand what is written.
  • Know how to catch crashing runners (ref: http://casualba.boards.net/thread/133/when-1-log )
    • SS-S: You need to block the 2nd runner for 1 tick just north of the cannon since it will sometimes go west. (hendi pov wr wave 5)
      If the 2nd runner walks south or east, then run straight to the trap before the 3rd runner reaches it.
      If you are too late to block the runner you can relure it as seen in LHC’s defender guide.
    • SW-E / WS-E / EW-E / EW-W / WW-E : If the 3rd runner walks south on its first movement it needs blocked south for 1 tick if it crashes south, or alternatively relured north of the cannon.
    • EW-S: The 1st and 2nd runner will auto multi. When the 3rd runner walks south it will crash and needs to be blocked for 1 tick south so that the trap food is in line of sight. Alternatively relure it by dropping a food north of the cannon.
    • Maybe there’s more, you’ll catch them while you play.
  • You can aim NW cannon when coming back from logs and hammer and adjust direction if you see crash or none.

Addition to normal staggering:
Wave 1:
  • Drop north of trap since runners dying tick early bring nothing to final time on this wave.
  • Multi E-E runners
  • 1tick E runner + block west to prevent 1 tick cycle from eating mainstack.

Wave 2:
  • Keep doing 1tick block on first runner.
  • Split H1 + H2
  • Drop 1 food NW of trap when second runner die to save 1 tick.

Wave 3:
  • Keep doing 1tick block on first runner
  • Split H1 + H2
    • Alternative: rune to canon cave to delay 1 tick and let H1 target healer.
  • After getting 1 logs and hammer, try to come near healer cave to minimise healer spread.
  • If W-S runner 3 and 4, block 1 tick south to multi (don’t auto)
  • If W-E runner 3 and 4, drop SW 1 food for the east runner.
  • Drop 2 food NW of trap when second runner die to save 1 tick.

Wave 4:
  • 1 tick east runner if east.
  • After dropping mainstack, split H1 and H2 if both on you then go near healer cave to minimise healer spread. You can go block after for 1-3.
    • Alternative: 1tick delay in canon corner to let H1 target healer.
Wave 5:
  • Split healer after dropping ms
  • Watch if runner going to crash and catch him.

Wave 6:
  • After dropping ms, split healers if many on u. If H1/H2 retarget and close to you, move a bit north and let him poison u before going logs. Atker mob wont crash if you stay north on retarget tick. If very far, pick hammer and logs proper order and he should poison you when ur somewhere hammer.
  • After picking logs/hammer proper order, look if you have crashing runner.
  • When redroping food after 1-3/2-2, look if 5th runner crashed to cannon or east 5th runner. Drop 1 food 2 tiles north to get the crashed back. Redrop north and then east of trap for priority. Stand on it to block last runner and decide when he will die and possible 48 healer relure (lure still 42 north wall and 48 north of healer blocking 42 getting out).

Wave 7:
  • Catch crashing runner like earlier waves
  • Double os healer:
    • 2-2-2/1-3-2/3-1-2: stagger 2-2/1-3/3-1 and redrop 2 good + 1 bad north of trap then repair and go safespot(careful on E multi if you drop bad too fast). You should have 42 on u at north spot if you don’t lose time. When healer poison 42, bring him south and keep 48 + 54 north. DON’T DROP LURES.
    • 2-3-1: when 4th runner west do 2-3*-2 redrop and repair. Can drop food south of trap to prevent crash of last reserve for the blurg runner.
  • no os/1xos:
    • Same relure but can drop 42 if needed. You want the last reserve to be north alone since he will need a lot of spam. Canon 3 way also work. You can reblurg last runner if needed when you dont have any relure on you (they all went on healer).

Wave 8:
  • Catch crashing runner like earlier waves
  • Relure (if 42-48 spawn, you need to use cannon to split them):
    • 1-4-2: drop 1 good food north after 1-4
    • 2-3-2: drop 2 good food north after 2-3
    • 2-4-1 (happen if 5th runner west): blurg while multing 2-4"-2
    • 3-2-2: drop 2 good food north

Wave 9:
  • Catch crashing runner like earlier waves
  • Try to read Hendi guide on cannon relure:
    • 2-1-5"-2 if 8th runner is S/E spawn. Mutli with 1 blurg, walk east of trap to block healer going south with the wall and repair then drop a food south of trap. If you know reserve spawn 66, do the canon relure, else relure on wall.
    • 2-1-4-2 if 8th runner is West spawn, you multi on 7th runner. Walk east of trap and block there till reserve spawn to try to keep all healer north side of trap.
    • 3-1-4"-2 / 3-1-3-2: If 2nd runners spawn west. Same logic as normal code.
  • How to setup 2-1-X-2: when you run back to trap call and repair and move nw of trap to block 4th runner from getting killed
    • If ur late, staggering will end up in 2-2 instead of 2-1, pick a food back to only have 1 under you north of trap, wait till 5th runner is closer to trap to prevent crash and move to let both runner go under you. Wait till 4th runner out of under you then redrop (you should have 5 food at ms to prevent running out of food)

Wave 10:

Thanks to every guides and players who helped me learning.
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