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Ba Services 5th Birthday Event


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Jun 11, 2018
Arthur / Soric / Connad
Welcome to the Ba Services 5th Anniversary Event Page!
May 1st is the date that Ba Services began back in 2015, and that means this year Bas is turning 5! It's really hard to believe we've been going this long, it feels like only yesterday we were debating whether it was better to dds spec or d2h spec. Every year has been a year of growth for our clan, and this last year hasn't disappointed. We want to celebrate in style for the half-decade, so get hyped for a bigger event than any of our previous birthdays!

The event will be on Saturday, 9th May, and begin at 7pm/19:00 GMT with a unique Marathon Leech Race tournament, following which we will have a mass at The Nightmare, a Castle Wars competition (with prize-money). Later, we will end the day with three rounds of an extra challenging Hide n' Seek, and our classic big drop party!

Date and Time: 9th May @ 19:00GMT
Length: 4-5 hours
Home World: W342 (world is subject to change, notably for races)

Also, please consider contributing GP as an event donation! You can do this by contacting any star. This will go towards the event prizes, and the drop party + you'll get a badge for it! Last year we got over 1.5b, so let's try to beat that!

Also, please click here for the Bas Birthday Awards thread and submit your noms!

Marathon Leech Race
Given that our April Leech races got replaced with the Bas/Totus Tournament, and so too with May's event by the this birthday, we're doing Leech Races! It's been really amazing to have a regular monthly bas event start back up again, and see everyone consistently come down for a race, so let's kick off the birthday event in the very same fashion, with a competitive leech race.

This event will work slightly differently to normal leech races, in order to up the stakes a bit. Due to rank request, the format of this race has changed slightly: it's now going to be a straight 4 round race, with same-team alts as leeches. Please take screenshots of your team's makeup in the lobby of each round. the leech alt must be a collector, and must stay at the cannon all round. In the event of any doubt as to whether that alt was just leeching, we will be asking for those screenshots.

First Place: 80m Split
Second Place: 40m Split
Third Place: 20m Split

Nightmare Mass
After the leech race, we're all going to head over to the new group boss in morytania, the Nightmare, where many of us - myself especially - will suck shit and die, but hopefully we can get ourselves some kills and maybe a few jars if we're lucky.
No prizes here, just some fun!

Castle Wars
After the Mass, we've got 1 game of Castle Wars planned, with the intention of everyone on the winning side receiving some prize money. Random Team Captains and a schoolyard pick will be employed. Prepare yourselves for whichever team Zazuba is on to crush you

Winning Team Prize: 60m Split

Hide n' Seek
When it's a Birthday event, it's customary we do a Hide n' Seek event.

We've done all sorts of different versions of Hide n' Seek, each having their own twists. This time, we'll be doing hopefully our most difficult Hide n' Seek yet. You will need to search for some of the most obscure locations, that could be in upper floors of buildings, in caves, and almost no place is off limits. There may be some quest reqs, or skill reqs to enter, but nothing absurd. Medium levelled accounts should be able to access the hiding places. each round will have a substantial amount of prize money, so get ready to crunch some riddles, and if you're quick enough, you could walk away with a handsome prize.

Prize Money:
Round 1: 50m
Round 2: 100m.
Round 3: 150m.

Drop Party:
We will finish the event with a drop party, and the announcement of the rewards. This will include all the donation contributions not used for event prizes! Feel free to donate items or GP (we will turn any gp into items for the drop party)

FYI: Only Bas Ranks are brought in for the drop party, but everyone else is welcome to the other events on the day.

Drop Party Total: 1,197,722,426GP

Location: Wait for admin announcement on the day.

List of Contributors:
Total: 1,697,722,426(1.7b)
Trisultan/Galois: 406m
Dirty Fade: 101m
Bkguytd6: 100m
Arthur: 75m
El Prodigy: 63m
Jacob M: 60m
Lost Spartan: 53m
Sedation: 52m
Carrot: 50m
Ashieboyyy: 50m
Dren: 50m
Onuzq: 50m
LostBankKey: 50m
Wazaaranger: 50m
Mengs: 50m
JennyElina: 50m
Skifree: 50m
Shir: 30m
Prince AM: 30m
DNAsequencer; 30m
Karrusel: 26,733,425
Crowride1873: 25m
Kahvo: 20m
Aukk: 14m
Leo God Gura: 11m
Basti M-80: 10m
Reducer: 10m
Vincant: 10m
De fender: 10m
SwampTrident: 10m
Barnyard7: 10m
Rhyms: 10m
Flunch: 10m
Gdsbrass: 10m
Leech King: 10m
Serpico: 1,000,001
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