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Rogue's Den Races Info


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Jun 11, 2018
Arthur / Soric / Connad
Rogue's Den Races

50 Thieving
50 Agility
More Info Here

What is it:

Rogue's Den is a minigame where you try to reach the centre of a maze, navigating traps. in a race format, the goal is to make it to the centre first. There are a number of routes in Rogue's Den, including two 80 Thieving shortcuts (one isn't really a shortcut though), past this shortcut, there are two other routes of similar length. We will be placing star ranks at these locations in order to limit your route to only 1 of the 2 longer options.

How does it work:

You can't bring anything into Rogue's Den, so it's naturally balanced for a race. It appears that the only buff you can reasonably expect to have is higher agility for energy saving. You can preserve the effects of stamina when entering Rogue's Den, and for this event you will be allowed to do this.

In order to win, you have to follow the correct route, and be the first to make it to the middle and trade the star at the Safes.
Note: We will do these routes in separate races, i.e. there will be a Route 1 race, and a Route 2 race.

Route 1
Route 2:


  1. You can avoid having to disarm most traps by stopping before them and then running past them, this applies to some amounts of subsequent traps immediately after the one you've skipped too.
  2. The spinning blades that emerge from the ground disrupt pathing when clicking past them, click on them to guarantee you cross them
  3. The 'pendulum' has a similar effect depending on which the pendulum is on, click on the tile where you pass it in order to not disrupt pathing
  4. Some traps have animations when you engage with them that can be manipulated to boost yourself when you finish them, like the old BA dispensers
  5. It's possible to pass Rogue Guards even after their stun animation has ended for a few seconds, multiple people can pass the Rogue's Guard without each having to use the flash powder individually.
  6. Don't loot the chest, it gives 10 GP.
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