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Ba Services 6th Birthday Event


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Dec 2, 2018
Welcome to the Ba Services 6th Anniversary Event Page!
It’s finally that time of the year again, where we gather as a clan to commemorate another year since BA Services began! This last year has been especially tough for us all, with COVID impacting all our lives in different ways. However, we’ve persevered, and now I’m glad to say we can celebrate the highs of the past 365 days. It's time to look back over the good memories, be that our trailblazer services, our BAS x Totus tournament, or even something else outside of OSRS. It’s time to celebrate.

On May 1st, BA Services will turn 6 years old!!!! Whilst we’ve been hosting bimonthly events, the scale of this year’s birthday event will blow all of them out the water. Now, let’s get into the game-plan.

The event will be hosted on Saturday the 8th of May, and will begin at 7pm/19:00 UTC with a Marathon Leech Race competition. Following this, we will have a mass raid (or two!) at the Chambers of Xeric, a Clan Wars tournament (with prize-money), and as is tradition, three rounds of an extremely challenging Hide n' Seek! After all that fun is out the way, we’ll end the festivities with our classic BAS birthday drop party!

Date and Time: 8th May @ 19:00 UTC
Length: 4-5 hours
Home World: W342 (world is subject to change, notably for races)

Also, please consider contributing GP (or items) as an event donation! You can do this by contacting any star. This will go towards the event prizes and the drop party. Last year we got over 1.7b, so let's try to beat that!

Also, please click here for the Bas Birthday Awards thread and submit your noms!

Marathon Leech Race
As you all know we have our monthly leech races, this event will be done in a similar fashion. The teams will be drafted by team captains, who will be assigned by event hosts. These races will consist of 4 straight rounds with the same team + alts as leeches. The leech must be a collector, and must stay at the west cannon for the entire duration of each wave. These alt leeches will be members of the star team or an equally trustworthy assigned judge so that the participating teams can be monitored.

The first three teams to finish will be eligible for a cash prize!

First Place: 60m
Second Place: 40m
Third Place: 20m

Chambers of Xeric Mass
After the leech race, we're all going to head over to the Chambers of Xeric. This event will be a free for all event, meaning that if you manage to receive a drop from the raid, this item will be yours for the taking. However, that doesn't take away the option to team up with a few people in order to split an item.
Now, we know there will be some less experienced players participating, so it would be much appreciated if those with experience lend a helping hand to others if they’re unsure about something. Side note: The Olm fight will not be started until everyone is prepared and ready to enter.

This event will not contain a cash prize, but the person with screenshot proof of the highest points at the end of the mass will receive the “Big Raid Guy” tag in discord!

Clan Wars
After the raid(s), you’ll have a chance to flex your PvP skill and knowledge with the BAS clan wars tournament! Participants will be split across several teams of set sizes depending on turnout, and be put into a knockout bracket of purple clan wars portal fights until a winning team emerges from the rest.

- Teams will be decided in a draft pick similar to the marathon leech races.
- Captains of these teams will be announced on the day of the event.
- The teams which come 1st, 2nd will receive a cash prize.

Rules for the event:
Arena: TBA at Event
Teams: 4-8 Teams
Type: Last Team Standing

Prohibited Items:
- Elysian, Arcane and Spectral Spirit Shields
- Justiciar Armour
- Dinh’s Bulwark
- Ancestral Armour
- Amulet of Blood Fury
- Toxic Equipment (Toxic Blowpipe, Toxic Staff of the Dead, Serpentine Helmet)
- Saradomin Brews

Quarter-finals: Best of 1 round
Semi-finals: Best of 1 round
Finals: Best of 1-3 round

All x quarter-finals will happen simultaneously. All semi-finals will also run simultaneously.
The Finals will be a best of 1-3 rounds depending on time. If 3 rounds, it will be in this format:
- One round Last Team Standing
- One round first to 25 kills (No food)
- One round oddskull, first to 300 points

You will be disqualified if you're found using prohibited items, and this could in turn lead to disqualification of your entire team.

First Place: 50m
Second Place: 30m

Hide n' Seek
When it's a birthday event, it's customary we do a Hide n' Seek event.

We've done all sorts of different versions of Hide n' Seek, each having their own twists. Arthur has been working in his hide n' seek laboratory to produce the hardest locations imaginable, and spicy riddles leading you to them. He is so confident, in fact, that the 1st clues for all locations will be announced in advance of the event, giving you time to brainstorm possibilities...

Prize Money:
Round 1: 75m
Round 2: 100m
Round 3: 125m

Drop Party:
We will finish the event with a drop party, and the announcement of the BAS 2021 awards. This will include all of the donation contributions not used for event prizes! Feel free to donate items or GP (we will turn any gp into items for the drop party)

FYI: Only BAS ranks are brought in for the drop party, but everyone else is welcome to the other events on the day.

Drop Party Total: TBA

Location: Wait for admin announcement on the day.

List of Contributors:
Total: 2271.375m
Dren: 500m
Furret: 183m
Kahvo: 179.5m
Rushy: 150m
Goulach: 101m

Lifelilly: 100m
H8dip: 100m

TiptopSundae: 100m
G Fruit: 100m
Inquez: 80m
Arthur: 75m
Sedation: 75m
D Aguilar: 60m
Blue slider: 55m
Ashieboyyy: 50m
PunguimGOD: 50m
500whp: 50m

Punyip: 50m
Captn Saboz: 50m
Leech BAd: 40.375m

Sejj: 35m
Cheff Zaya: 30m

beah8er: 30m
Gdsbrass: 20m
Turgidson: 7.5m
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