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BAS Birthday Awards (2023)

Nov 12, 2021
Hi all,

We celebrated our 8th anniversary on the 13th May and had a great turn out for the events on the day with the races reaching 7 teams competing! Awards were announced prior to the drop party, but in case you missed them, here they are:

Award Winners:

• Best Attacker: Bad Weather
Best Attacker.png

• Best Collector: Lima 1
Best Collector.png

• Best Healer: Kahvo
Best Healer.png

• Best Defender: Dren
Best Defender.png

• Most Improved: Coxie
Most Improved.png

• BA Addict: Nonfluid
Ba Addict.png

• Best Customer Service: Bad Weather
Best Customer Service.png

• Comedian: Jesie

• Friendliest BAer: Dren
Friendliest BAer.png

• Best Recruit: MasterK95
Best Recruit.png

• Best Corporal: Greenfinity
Best Corporal.png

• Best Sergeant: Dren
Best Sergeant.png

• Best Lieutenant: Devil9394
Best Lieutenant.png

• Best Captain: SkylerMiner
Best Captain.png

• Best Admin: Bad Weather
Best Admin.png

• Best Fashionscape: Moon byul
Best Fashionscape.png

• Best All-rounder: Dren
Best All-rounder.png

• Best Discord #general chatter: Tazner
Best Discord #general chatter.png

• Best Broken-BA Healer: Pi
Best Broken-BA Healer.png

• Most Missed: Arthur
Most Missed.png

Special thanks to Dren for his support in creating the above award banners.

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