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Forcing wave ends


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Jun 11, 2018
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This is a guide on how to force wave ends as scroller/leader (ideally attacker).
Basically it's a guide on how you can make waves end faster after all penance are dead (mostly for speeds but could be used in leeches).

I will try to keep it as short as i can, but there are 2 things you should know before trying to learn how to do it: "Stalls" and "Wave end checks".

In runescape, some actions "stall" your character which will queue up everything that happens to your character until the stall is over.
Example: Using a skillcape emote (stall) while being attacked will delay all the hitsplats until the stall is over (and then all will appear and damage you at once).

There are two types of stalls: animation stalls and interface stalls.
Animation stalls (e.g. skillcape/shooting cannon), cannot be interrupted and will always stall until the animation is over.
Shooting the cannon in ba will stall between you clicking the button and your egg hitting the ground.
Interface stalls (e.g. the interface that pops up when you click a prayer in ba), will stop as soon as the interface closes.
Interfaces are closed automatically when your character is interrupted (or if you close it manually).
Things that interrupt interface stalls: Any Penance dying (except fighter/ranger killed by other atk), coll loading cannon, teammates shooting cannon etc.

We will be using two stalls to force ends: Shooting cannon (animation) and clicking a prayer (interface).
Note that the prayer interface is the text that shows up saying: "The barbarians forbid the use of prayer...".

Wave end checks
A "Wave end check" is when the game checks if the wave should end or not.
A wave end check will happen 6 seconds after the previous wave end check.
So normally they would happen at 6s, 12s, 18s, 24s, 30s etc.
Wave end checks are done "on" the scrollers character, this means they can be delayed by the scroller using stalls.

Example: Assume the scroller stalls between 89-92s (maybe he shot cannon at 89s) and a wave end check was supposed to happen at 90s. Then the following will happen: The wave end check that was supposed to happen at 90s will instead be delayed and happens at 92s. The next wave end check then be at 98s (instead of at 96s).

What is a forced end?
Example: Imagine a wave end check happens at 90s, but the last healer dies at 92s. This means the next wave end check will happen (and the wave will end) at 96s (4 seconds after all penance dead!)
Now imagine that the scroller manages to stall the 90s wave end check for 2 seconds. The wave end check will now happen at 92s, which is at the same time as last healer dies, so wave will end at 92s (instantly after all peanace dead, much better!).

Using stalls to make waves end shortly after the last penance dies is what forcing ends is.

How to force ends
We will use two methods to force ends. The first one only involves using interfaces while the second one involves both the cannon and the prayer interface.
They are used if different scenarios.

Method 1 (only interface):
This method is only used when there's a single penance alive and you don't run any risk of your interface getting interrupted (by someone shooting cannon etc, as mentioned earlier).
It is done by opening an interface (e.g. click a prayer), as early as possible after the 2nd last penance dies/once there is just 1 penance alive.
The interface will be closed automatically once the last penance die so you don't have to manually close it.

This is mainly done on waves 2 and 3 while waiting for the last runner to die, ending the wave instantly as it does.
It also has uses on later waves if there is only 1 healer alive and no eggs loaded.

Method 2 (shoot cannon + prayer interface):
This method is more advanced and takes advantage of the fact that it is possible to open multiple prayer interfaces during an animation stall (e.g. while shooting cannon).
Note that it's not possible to open multiple interfaces unless you do it during an animation stall.

Mechanics you should know:
1. Clicking any prayer (even same one), X times will open X interfaces "on top of eachother". These will all open instantly as the cannon stall ends (egg hits ground), and will continue the stall (there is no "downtime" between the cannon stall ending and the interface stall starting). Note that while multiple interfaces are opened, you can only see one.
2. While 2 or more prayer interfaces are opened, one (always one even if you do or don't get interrupted) interface will be closed each tick until only 1 remains.

This one is pretty difficult and requires some prediction.

What you do is that while shooting your last egg before all healers will be dead, you click on a prayer a certain number of times.

How many times to click?
There are 2 situations where you can know exactly how many times to click:
1. If the last healer will die before your egg hits the ground: don't click any prayer at all!
2. If your egg will deal the damage that kills the last healer: click a prayer once.

In other situations you will need to click on a prayer 2+ times.
Knowing how many times mostly comes down to experience. Note that each click will guarantee that you keep stalling for an extra tick after your egg hits the ground.
So: If you expect the last healer to die 3 ticks after your egg hits the ground, you should click a prayer atleast 3 times.

Note that it's usually better to click 1 time too much than 1 time to little.
Clicking 1 extra time can make you delay the end for 1 tick (0.6s).
Clicking 1 too few times can make you "antiforce" (making the wave end check happen just before last healer dies), making the wave end almost 6s after last healer dies.

How to tell if you're doing it right
If your prayer interface closes before the last healer dies, you clicked too few times while shooting.
If your prayer interface closes long after the last healer dies, you clicked too many times while shooting.
Forcing wave ends is not necessarily about getting instant ends every time, it's more about removing the worst case (that the wave end check would be just before last healer dies, making you wait almost 6s until the next one).

Example gameplay
I managed to force waves 3, 6 and 7 in this video. I tried to force wave 8 and wave 9 but failed (i clicked too few times wave 8, wave 9 i didn't see the healers to the south were still alive).
The good wave end on wave 8 was pure luck.
Wave 3 and 6 were forced using Method 1.
wave 7 was forced using Method 2 (i also tried to use method 2 wave 8 but failed, notice how the interface closed before last healer died).

Feel free to ask any questions :)

Credits to Henke.

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