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Call Timer Script


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Jun 11, 2018
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There's a call timer ahk script that can warn you of call changes (not available for Mac, sorry).

-> https://pastebin.com/raw/i28EtZXL <-
(save as .ahk)

You need to have ahk installed for this to work. Simply save the file as a .ahk and run. The script doesn't have any macros, just a visual overlay.

The timer will alert you by turning red and beeping 3 seconds before every call change up to 120 seconds.

In between each wave, hold down the reset wave button (F2 by default) until the scroller climbs down the ladder to sync the timer with each wave. Hold down F3 (by default) for wave 1 to indicate the start of the round.

This allows you to be more efficient around call changes by letting you know the exact time the call changes and allowing you to call faster.

You can change the settings in the first 20 lines to turn on/off the beeping alert and to change the location of the timer, or to otherwise customize

Note that the timer can become out of sync with severe lag or if the scroller stalls, in which case you can mentally compensate for the difference.

The program assumes you have completed a new wave if you reset the time after 21+ seconds

Video by LHC (with call-change overlay disabled)
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