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BA Dictionary

Jun 11, 2018
Gau Cho
Team formation
  • A, Att = Attacker role
  • D, Def = Defender role
  • C, Coll = Collector role
  • H, Heal = Healer role
  • +# = Leech team being formed
  • T+# = Trial team being formed
  • F+# = Fun team being formed
  • S+# = Speed team being formed
  • Sub+# = Substituting player requested for ongoing team
  • Q+# = Duo queen round team being formed
  • A2g=attacker to go (H2g, C2g, D2g)
  • R = Ready
  • Round = Waves 1-10
  • Scroll(er) = First person in team (holding the scroll item)
  • 2 = Second person in team / A request to be 2nd position in the team order
  • 3 = Third person in team / A request to be 3rd position in the team order
  • 4,5 = etc
  • Qs = Quick switch. A rank should leave the wave lobby and come back in so that the scroller can change the role of a customer
  • CHAD = Collector->Healer->Attacker->Defender (order in which a yellow egg is passed during wave 10)
Monster locations
  • Fe = Fighter east (There is a fighter located east)
  • Fs = Fighter south
  • Fw = Fighter west
  • F logs = Fighter near the logs at north of map
  • F mid = Fighter in the middle of the map
  • F trap = Fighter at the trap (usually means east trap but rarely refers to west trap)
  • F ne, F se, F sw, F nw = Fighter northeast, southeast, southwest or northwest
  • Re, Rs, etc = Ranger east/south, etc
  • H e, H s, etc = Healer east/south, etc
  • Unp e, Unp s, etc = A healer that has never been poisoned located east/south, etc
  • Rp e, Rp s, etc = A low-hp healer that needs to be re-poisoned by the healer located east/south, etc
  • Zoo east = A bunch of monsters east (usually fighters and rangers)
  • Zoo west = A bunch of monsters west (usually healers)
  • Melee styles
    • Acc = Accurate attack style
    • Agg = Aggressive attack style
    • Cont = Controlled attack style
    • Def = Defensive attack style
  • Ranged styles (we use the arrow colors and not the arrow names)
    • Wind
    • Earth
    • Water
    • Fire
  • A/C block = Attacker-Collector block (see guides in Attacker/Collector for more info)
  • R = Red eggs
  • G = Green eggs
  • B = Blue eggs
  • Conv = Convert eggs
  • Load = If said by a collector: I am loading the eggs in the hopper right now | If said by another role: Please load the hopper now
  • Bg = Blue egg first call, green egg 2nd call
  • Br = Blue egg first call, red egg 2nd call
  • Rg = Red eggs first call, green egg 2nd call
  • Rb = Red eggs first call, blue egg 2nd call
  • Gr = Green egg first call, red egg 2nd call
  • Gb = Green egg first call, blue egg 2nd call
Food (Healer/Defender)
  • M=Poison Meat
  • T=(Poison) Tofu
  • W=(Poison) Worms
  • 121 = (Meat, Worms, Meat) etc
  • 123 = (Worms, Tofu, Meat) etc
  • Os = Overstock (when the healer takes multiple of one type of food in a row)
  • Os 6, 8 = Overstocking waves 6 and 8 at the beginning of the wave - can the defender call for the healer BEFORE getting his own food?
  • Lure = The healer aggroing onto a player
  • Reserve = A healer that spawns later (usually around 42-66 seconds depending on the wave)
  • Late = A reserve healer will spawn late, used to communicate to the defender so that the defender may catch the lure
  • 66 = The reserve healer will spawn late (at 66 seconds)
  • 48, 54, 60, 66, 72 = Same as above
  • Block = Disrupting/altering the runner's path by stepping in the way
  • Run through (defender) =when one runs through the defender stacking runners, thereby ruining the defender's attempted multikill
  • E, Early = 3rd runner on waves 2 and 3 spawned before 2nd call
  • Staggering = Killing the runners on wave 6-10 as x-x-2. That is, 2 runners remain at the very end
  • No-log = Completing a wave without picking up any logs
  • Alt = Alternate account
  • Tyfr = Thank you for the rounds
  • Run west = When attacking/collecting, you should always run along the western cannon to avoid luring healers
  • Sar'd = when the scroller (leader of the team) tries to climb down the ladder before setting his/her own role.
  • Drenspread = when your monsters spreads so awfully it gets annoying to play
Defunct terminology (patched/nerfed)
  • Tg = Trap glitched healer (unpoisoned and stuck on defender trap)
  • Qs = Quick start (leaving the wave lobby and coming back to start the wave)
  • Chinning era = When chinning was the meta for attackers
  • Bp era = When blowpipe was the meta for attackers
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