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Surviving Wave 10 with 10-HP Customers

Jun 11, 2018
Gau Cho
Method 1 (Role switch to Healer):
  1. Change the customer to Healer on W10. Swaps are W1-9 other role, W10 healer, rinse and repeat. Need some low waves as Healer as well to hit 375 points.
  2. Before the queen spawns, make sure the customer is on Defensive style.
  3. Place the customer in the southwest nook of the pool and have them spam drink.
  4. Do egg as fast as possible. You should be able to 1-egg queen by the time it hits twice, so it should be a 50% success rate for a 10HP customer to survive, at worst.
Don't worry about spawns!!! Just worry about 1-egging as fast as humanly possible. Blocking is a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you block, then spawns are more likely to target you & the customer. The chance of spawns targeting the customer is low if no one else goes near the customer.

Method 2 (No role switch):
This is an alternative strategy if you don't want or cannot swap the customer to the healer role. The advantage of this is that you don't need to spend time switching roles and the explanation is easier for the customer. However, there is a very slightly increased chance of being attacked and killed by spawns compared to the above method.

The defender can explain step 1 and step 2 in advance after luring the penance healers, since he will be idling at the cannon.

1) After all monsters are dead, the customer should follow the healer
2) After the healer gets to the cannon, he should tell the customer to stand 1 tile north of the cannon to avoid getting hit by spawns
The healer is responsible for vialling the customer after every attack

As with the above strategy, the most important thing is to 1-egg as fast as possible.

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