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Bas Events are Changing


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Jun 11, 2018
Arthur / Soric / Connad
Hi all,

as many of you would be aware, Ba Services have ran scheduled events since November of last year, which involved monthly races, and a monthly fun event; we’ve called this programme “Bas Events”. We did not run events between April and May to accommodate a special event with Solitary PvM, and our 3rd Anniversary event. Since then, we’ve had some difficulty getting Bas Events started up again, and we’ve been rethinking as well how to better organise Bas Events, so we don’t have make cancelations for special events. In light of this, we've decided on a number of changes to Bas Events.

We’re going to relaunch Bas Events in August, expect more details soon.

I’ve broken down the key changes below:

Bas Races:
  1. We’ll begin to alternate each month between a UK and US world. The worlds at this point in time are undecided. If you have world suggestions, pass them onto the star team.
  2. We’re going to start a badge system, whereby members of the team with the winning time of each month will hold a badge for that month, which will be later removed and given to the winners of the following month.
  3. Any non-rank can participate in Bas Races, provided any one rank can vouch for them (this is subject to change).
Bas Fun Events:
  1. Bas Fun Events will now be a bimonthly event, meaning we’ll host a fun event every 2 months now.
  2. We’re reducing the polling options to 3; and we’ll open voting 1 month in advance of the event.
  3. We’re creating an event suggestion thread, so you can either put forward event ideas, or vote up (or down lol) other rank’s ideas. You can find that forum here
Thank you, and if you have any further suggestions, please add them below.
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