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How to Join BA Services

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BA Services

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Jun 8, 2018

Hello There! Interested in joining the BA Services team? Well, you are in the right place!

To trial please join the cc and ask the star ranks online if any are available to trial you.

Rank responsibilities:
  • Be helpful, professional, and welcoming to customers
  • Manage the queue list
  • Be polite and respectful to fellow ranks
  • Have fun!
Requirements to join:

Level 5 all roles
70 Defence and 70 Hitpoints
45 Defence and 85 Hitpoints

Trialing information:
To join you must trial in one or more of the BA roles Attacker, Defender, and/or Healer.
The collector role will not be trialed. Upon passing your first trial, reading the literature on leech collecting is your responsibility.


Because we do not trial the role, it is your responsibility to become familiar with our collector guides.

Please read and watch this guide upon joining BA Services: https://baservices.site/threads/29/

We reserve the right to revoke your rank if you underperform.

Things We Evaluate
  1. Ability to clear Penance fighters and rangers on waves 1-10 in a total time of 14:30 or less
  2. Dropping early eggs for the collector
  3. Good positioning in order to not lure healers west
  4. Attacking with the right style to avoid losing points
  5. Minimize delays on waves 1-4 by knowing whether to prioritize fighters or rangers for each wave
Allowed Gear
  • For the purposes of the trial, you must only use the following standard gear outlined below:
    • Void knight armour set or Elite void armour set
    • Necklace of anguish
    • Blessed boots or Pegasian boots
    • Ring of suffering (ri)
    • Magic shortbow (i)
    • Magic comp bow
    • Super combat/Super defence potions and Ranging potions
  • We do not allow melee weapons or their special attacks for the purposes of this trial as the goal of the trial is to evaluate your skills at efficiently using the Magic shortbow (i). However, you should use melee weapons such as Dinh's bulwark after you pass your trial. The use of a Mind shield or Elemental shield on Wave 10 is optional for the trial.
Example Setup

Stat Requirements:

  • 90 Ranged
  • 90 Hitpoints
  • Defence
    • 75 Defence with a Ring of suffering (i)/(ri)
    • 85 Defence without a Ring of suffering (i)/(ri)
Attacker Guide: https://baservices.site/threads/41/

(You only need to learn Parts 1-3 of the Attacker Guide; that's it. If you pass the trial and become a rank, you must then learn Part 4. You do not need to learn the other parts)

If you are struggling to meet the trial time, levelling up your Ranged level and getting Elite void is expected to make your trial much easier.

Things we look for:

1. Ability to Multikill
2. Correct food placement spots (trap, trail, mainstack)
3. Delaying to optimize the healer spread
4. Luring healers

We treat the early waves and late waves with different criteria.

Waves 1-4:
Finishing in 60 seconds or less by rushing food placement. We expect you to skip all delays in order to force an early runner spawn.

Waves 5-10:
On these waves, defender is the fastest role. The extra time goes to assisting the healer. Therefore, on waves 5+ we will inspect your delay style.

Highly recommend delay style:

It is also important to lure the healers. We expect you to know the lure spot and to split the healers on the wall if you happen to get two.

A final thing we check for is staggering the multikills in order to get into the lure spot faster.

Please watch and read through this guide before trialing: http://defguide.baservices.site

To pass the Healer trial you must show that you can quickly & efficiently kill all of the Penance Healers in 14:30 minutes or less while healing teammates on appropriate waves.

You will be judged on the following:

Food usage
Restock times / 121 and 123 calls
Healing teammates on 7-9

Target wave times:

Wave 6: 72-90s
Wave 7: 84-108s
Wave 8: 84-108s
Wave 9: 96-120s
Wave 10: 84-108s

Please view our Healer guides prior to trialling: https://baservices.site/forums/healer/
Timing of trials:

We aim to create a theoretical round time in which the trialee is the last to finish. This means that a slow attacker will not effect your healer trial. It also means that waves 1-3 have minimum times of 30, 42 and 48, respectively, due to runners.
The timer is started at the beginning of each wave and stopped when the trialee is finished. The time is rounded to a multiple of 6 as this is how wave ends work (30s, 36s, 42s, 48s, 54s, 60s, etc.)
ex.) If an Attacker or Healer finishes their monsters by 32s, the wave would end at 36s so what really counts is the 36s.
After timing all waves, they're summed with an additional 75s for general QS+Queen times to get the final time.

To get a trial contact a star rank in the cc.

Ranking system:

Smiley - A temporary vouch given by a star rank to people who are well-known in the BA community. They can collect in leeches.

Recruit - Pass 1 (one) of the three Attacker, Defender or Healer role trials.

Corporal - Pass 2 (two) of the three Attacker, Defender or Healer role trials.

Sergeant - Pass all 3 (three) of the three Attacker, Defender and Healer role trials.

Lieutenant - After achieving a Sergeant rank, you must remain active for at least 3 months before being considered for a rank up to Lieutenant. We judge based on activity on leeches, filling trial teams, being generally polite and helpful towards fellow ranks as well as towards customers. Rank ups are discussed by the star ranks. Politeness and professionalism are big factors in our decision.

Captain - Captains are handpicked by the Admins based on their activity/loyalty/commitment/and how respectful they are. A Lieutenant must remain active for at least 6 months before being considered for a Captain rank. Once all admins agree, the player will be ranked up to Captain.

General - Administrators of the Clan chat.
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