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Jun 8, 2018

Hello there! Interested in joining the BA Services team? Well, you are in the right place!

To get a trial please join our discord and open a ticket in the #become-a-rank channel
BAS Discord: https://discord.gg/5PaAQge

Rank Responsibilities:
  • Be helpful, professional, and welcoming to customers
  • Manage the queue list
  • Be polite and respectful to fellow ranks
  • Have fun!
Rank Requirements:
  • Level 5 all roles
  • 70 Defence and 70 Hitpoints
    45 Defence and 85 Hitpoints
  • An in-depth understanding of at least one role between Attacker, Healer, or Defender. Role requirements are outlined below and can be viewed by clicking on the SPOILER buttons below. These requirements need to be met on a Jagex-approved client.
Why Join BA Services?
  • Earn up to 30m an hour, which is among the fastest methods of earning GP in OSRS, if not the fastest consistent way.
  • Join an active clan with a diverse group of players, that has all the expected qualities of a regular clan: Monthly BA race events, regular fun events, a large discord, tournaments, and some quality memes.
  • Help people get their Barbarian Assault items with ease.
  • Become a part of a vibrant in-game business, and have the opportunity to contribute to ideas on how to improve our services.

Trialing Information:
To join you must trial in one or more of the three roles: Attacker, Defender, and/or Healer.
The collector role will not be trialed. Upon passing your first trial, it is your responsibility to learn how to effectively collect.


We don't trial people for collector role, as it's a relatively easy role to execute. Upon passing any trial for the other roles (or practice listing in attacker), you will be also able to play collector in leeches. Therefore, we expect you to become familiar with the role once you join us! Don't worry though, it's pretty simple.

If you fail a trial, but believe you're close and are confident to take on collector, ask your trialer about a temporary Coll Vouch. It can be a great opportunity to get involved in leeches while you practice your other roles.

When joining our cc we expect you to know the following basics of the collector role:
- A/C Block
- Dragging in fighters before 24s
- Halberd tiles (how to set up for speccing)
- Collecting in a diamond
- Vialling waves 1 and 2 technique

All of this explained in the following videos:

Useful things to have/know (but not required):

All 3 together + a picture showing all possible patterns together:

This will get you this:

Please read and watch this guide upon joining BA Services: https://baservices.site/threads/154/

An example of how a collector round could go using basic collector theory (+commentary):


To pass a Defender trial we expect you to be able to:

1. Multi-kill runners, and stagger kills in order to get to lure spot quicker.
2. Correctly place food (trap, trail, mainstack)
3. Delay to optimize the healer spread
4. Get to logs by 24seconds in order to not lure fighters/rangers
5. Lure healers

Additionally, you must use the Imcando Hammer, obtainable after the Below Ice Mountain quest, in order to minimize the amount of time spent near the center.

You can find our defender guide to learn the above techniques here: http://defguide.baservices.site

Waves 1-3:
Finishing quickly by rushing food placement. You should skip all delays in order to force an early runner spawn.

Waves 4 & 5:
The "No logging" waves! You are required to kill only one runner, leaving the trap at (1), and then multikill the rest of the runners. You do this so you're never in range to lure fighters/rangers.

Wave 6:
In this wave you need to prepared to 'split' the 42/48second Healer spawns. You need to stagger your runners, by running to the lure spot after breaking the trap for the second time, and then only repair the trap to finish off the last runners after the team's healer is spamming the trapped healers. You can see a demonstration of this technique here.

Waves 7-9:
On these waves, defender is the fastest role. The extra time goes to assisting the healer. Therefore, on waves 5+ we will inspect your delay style. You will also be required to implement some type of relure on waves 8 and 9 to help control 3rd call healer spread.

Wave 10:
In this wave we want to see you delay and use a relure method.

Highly recommend delay style:

It is also important to lure the healers. We expect you to know the lure spot and to split the healers on the wall if you happen to get two. We also strongly recommend knowing reluring methods for the high waves, which would greatly aid in a better result for your trial.

A final thing we check for is staggering the multi-kills in order to get into the lure spot faster.

A specific breakdown of what exactly we look for in a trial can be found here: http://baservices.site/threads/66/#post-145.

An example of how a defender round could go using trial methods:


To pass the Healer trial you must show that you can quickly & efficiently kill all of the Penance Healers while healing teammates on appropriate waves.

We'd like to see you execute healing techniques, instead of just aimlessly poisoning healers. You will be judged on the following:
  • Positioning - where you go to try and minimize the chances of a bad spread
  • Food usage - when you use your food and how many you use per healer.
  • Restock times - getting down to the dispenser at the right moment
  • Using the vial to heal teammates on both lower and higher waves 1 and 2 - this is really important to maximize points.
  • Overstocking is allowed during a trial. If you plan to overstock, inform the trialer of the waves you intend to do it.
  • Time under 12:30.
Note that given the large amount of RNG in healer run, we pay a lot of attention to good technique. A person with very good technique above this target time (e.g. 12:45) may still pass or be invited to train with us for more practice. On the other hand, someone with poor technique that is below the target time may still fail.

You may use overstock codes or regular codes, however we do require use of an overstock code on wave 6, as it is the most consistent way to ensure healers spawn at 42/48, which the defender is expecting. An example of an acceptable OS code for wave 6 is 3(18)-5-3-1 /restock/ 1-spam-spam.

The below list of target wave times gives you a good idea of times that should net you an easy pass in a trial. We look at overall performance across all waves, so it is okay for you to get above the target time in one or two waves as long as you demonstrate good technique and are generally consistent.

Wave 1: ≤30s
Wave 2: ≤42s
Wave 3: ≤48s
Wave 4: ≤48s
Wave 5: ≤60s
Wave 6: ≤72s
Wave 7: ≤90s
Wave 8: ≤96s
Wave 9: ≤114s
Wave 10: ≤90s

Please view our Healer guides prior to trialing: http://healguide.baservices.site/

An example of how a healer round could go using regular codes:


Minimum Stat Requirements
  • 90 (95+ recommended)
  • 75
  • 75 (90+ recommended)
  • 75 (85-99 strongly recommended)
  • 90
Things We Evaluate

In order to join our clan, attackers must be able to demonstrate a basic knowledge and execution of Part 1 to Part 5 of Gau's Attacker Guide: http://atkguide.baservices.site/. You are not required to learn Parts 6-7 to join our clan.

Some of the specific elements from the guide that we look for include:
  1. Proper use of Magic shortbow (i) and Magic comp bow
  2. Dropping early eggs for the collector
  3. Good positioning in order not to lure healers west
  4. Minimizing delays on waves 1-4 by knowing the kill order
  5. Use of the A/C block, Dinh's bulwark and Crystal halberd on waves 6-10
  6. Avoiding death or near-death on Wave 9
  7. Forcing the yellow egg to spawn with the Queen on wave 10, and successfully duping the Omega egg
  8. Prayer stalling (with a shrink if needed) to force the wave 2 and 3 runners.
  9. Animation stalling (shrink is sufficient) to extend the wave 6 and 9 calls when appropriate.
You should aim for a target time under 12:30, but demonstration of proper attacker technique is even more important given the large role of RNG in a round. It is possible to fail a trial with bad technique and good RNG, just as it is possible to pass with a slower time and good technique.

As of July 2022, attackers who practice list (details down below on rank hierarchy) in the attacker role are permitted to collect in leeches if they desire to, this is to gain experience by observing qualified and experienced attackers whilst you're collecting for them.

As of June 2023, despite proficiency with the use of the venator bow, attackers will still be required to show knowledge and application of the 10t (6 seconds) cycle and how it pertains to crystal halberd/dinh's special attacks. Tagging will still be a fundamental aspect of a trial- with your ability to keep fighters west and in stacks considered of utmost importance.

  • Our Attacker Guide discusses gear and explains the rationale behind all items. Below is the complete list of items required. The items below are required unless otherwise specified.
    • Void knight armour set or Elite void armour set
    • Melee swap gear: Serpentine helm, Barrows/Ferocious gloves, Amulet of torture, and Berserker ring (i)
      • Or similar melee gear
    • Necklace of anguish
    • Primordial boots
    • Fire or Infernal cape
    • Ring of suffering (ri)
      • Mandatory if 75-84 Defence, strongly recommended for 85+ Defence
    • Magic shortbow (i)
    • Magic comp bow or 3rd Age Bow
    • Crystal halberd or Dragon halberd
    • Dinh's bulwark
      • Mandatory, except for ironmen (higher stats/performance will be expected without Dinh's)
    • Mind shield or Elemental shield
      • Optional
    • Super combat potions and Ranging potions
Example Setup


You are not required to have every piece of gear in the example setup, it just shows one way to organize your inventory.

Again, please refer to the Attacker Guide to prepare yourself for the trial: http://atkguide.baservices.site/

Target attacker times
w1: ≤36s
w2: ≤42s
w3: ≤48s
w4: ≤48s
w5: ≤54s
w6: ≤66s
w7: ≤72s
w8: ≤72s
w9: ≤78s
w10: ≤72s

An example of how an attacker round could go using trial methods (+commentary):

Timing of trials:

We aim to create a theoretical round time in which the trialee is the last to finish. This means that a slow attacker will not affect your healer trial. It also means that waves 1-3 have minimum times of 30, 42 and 48, respectively, due to runners.
The timer is started at the beginning of each wave and stopped when the trialee is finished. The time is rounded to a multiple of 6 as this is how wave ends work (30s, 36s, 42s, 48s, 54s, 60s, etc.)
ex.) If an attacker or healer finishes their monsters by 32s, the wave would end at 36s so what really counts is the 36s.
After timing all waves, they're summed with an additional 75s for lobby and queen kill time to get the final time.

  • How do I get a trial?
    Just join our Discord server and create a Trial Ticket which can be found in the #become-a-rank channel. Fill out a small form detailing which role you would like to trial for, your experience level, and your availability. A qualified trialer will follow up with you to form a trial team per your availability. Even if you're not sure you'll pass, it can be a good experience as your trialer will give you wave-by-wave feedback along with advice on how to improve!
  • What happens in the trial?
    You'll join a team of our ranks, and a star who will act as the 'leech', and watch you from the cannon. As the trialee, you will choose the world for the trial (in normal leeches, the healer chooses). You cannot choose worlds 306 (public BA world) as we do not allow ranks to service customers on those worlds. All you do is run through your role of choice for 1 round, and then get your feedback. Quick and easy.
  • Do I need to trial all the roles?
    Nope! You pick the role you're most confident in and then trial in that role. If you want to trial for multiple roles you can do that too. People normally trial 1 role, and then after passing, move onto learning their next role. We don't expect you to learn more than one role though, so for example if you really like defender you can just do defender!
  • What if no stars are online?
    Ask anyway, and a rank will contact stars over discord, so hopefully one of us are available and can jump in and sort you out.
  • How do I learn BA to get into Ba Services?
    There are plenty of good options to practice and learn BA enough to join us.
    1. Join the discord Ba School we run with the fun-run clan Casual BA and get one-on-one guidance from our teachers, many of whom are senior Ba Services ranks
    2. Practice learning BA in 306 while getting your Level 5s, you're going to need them anyway to get a trial!
    3. Join Casual Ba once you're ready to move on from 306, and take part in faster fun rounds with experienced BAers
    4. Read and watch our guides over here
  • How do pay splits work?
    The money the customer pays for their service is evenly split between the 4 ranks participating. The exception of this is for a p-list rank (practice list). P-lists are people who trialed but were not practiced enough to get a full rank, and so are in the clan on a temporary learning trial period. These ranks will get 75% of a full split. The remainder is split between the other full ranks participating.

Ranking system:

Smiley - Practice Listed rank who was close to passing their trial and been given a temporary opportunity to practice in leeches. Defenders and healers are only allowed to practice the roles they trialed for whilst practice listed, however attackers may practice both attacker and collector.

Recruit - Pass 1 (one) of the three Attacker, Defender or Healer role trials.

Corporal - Pass 2 (two) of the three Attacker, Defender or Healer role trials.

Sergeant - Pass all 3 (three) of the three Attacker, Defender and Healer role trials.

Lieutenant - After achieving a Sergeant rank, you must remain active for at least 3 months (You must be ranked a total of 6 months before being considered for this rank) before being considered for a rank up to Lieutenant. We judge based on activity on leeches, filling trial teams, being generally polite and helpful towards fellow ranks as well as towards customers. Additional things such as being an active teacher in Ba School, suggesting positive changes to the cc, or helping out with events go a long way. Rank ups are discussed by the star ranks. Politeness and professionalism are big factors in our decision.

Captain - Captains are handpicked by the Admins based on their activity/loyalty/commitment/and how respectful they are. A Lieutenant must remain active for at least 4 months before being considered for a Captain rank. Once all admins agree, the player will be ranked up to Captain.

General - Administrators of the Clan.
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