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BAS & Totus Tournament.

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Jun 11, 2018
Hello @everyone!
The teams have been sorted out, and we're less than a day to start the event!
We've managed to balance 9 teams mixing up Totus (T) and BAS (B) members, which follows:

-Kelvino (T)
-Red Clay (B)
-Hendi (B)
-MelismaQueen (T)
-Shir (B)
-Spud (B)
-Ju mala (T)
-pto (T)
-High Hustler (T)
-baccount (B)
-Pahy (B)
-Carrot (B)
-MBBrabus (T)
-Magyk (T)
-Laydyn (T)
-A Spaceman (T)
-Gucci Free (B)
-Big T (B)
-Wostyn (T)
-Onuzq (B)
-ITIarnix (T)
-HolySanctum (T)
-Zolon (T)
-lDany (B)
-Reptillian (T)
-Aku Megami(T)
-DaFeesh (T)
-Bas Mike (B)
-Rescued (B)
-Wokkel (T)
-Skala (B)
-Bownerato (T)
-Furret_83 (B)
-El Prodigy (B)
-Sloper (T)
-Baskie (T)
-Lnitial (T)
-Dren (B)
-G Fruit (B)
-aligenius5 (T)
-Seeflops (B)
-not Hugo (T)
-Sens249 (B)
-anti vaxxer (T)

With the teams announced, go and PM them to find which roles you are going to fill in! Practice! Be ready to take the Tournament for yourself!
In case of any drop outs, teams who need a substitute, don't worry we have some ready, listed below.
Contact one of us if you're in need of a sub. We'll find you a suitable player without unbalancing the team.
Players responsible to find you a sub: Dren, Bas Mike, Arptastic, Arthur, ThorinII or Baskie.
PM them if you need an extra player.

Back to the Tournament info. Here's a recap of what you need to know for the event.

Date: January 26th 2019
Time: 7PM / 19:00PM GMT
Starting World: 342
Starting Location: Barbarian Assault Lobby

The Tournament:
The Tournament will be split into two different phases. The seeding, and the one-on-one eliminations.
Seeding Phase

- Teams will run ONCE, and only 8 of them will be selected to join the next phase.
- The fastest time will secure the #1 seed for the 2nd phase, and so on. The bracket will be created upon completion of the first phase.
- Teams will be called in wave 1 by a vouched referee from BA Services OR Totus. Be ready outside of wave 1 for your turn.
Note: In the FIRST phase only, in case a player DC's or if the team gets off to a bad start, they are allowed to have ONE retry attempt. If by any means the team decide to reset to wave 1 already on their 2nd attempt, they ought to be disqualified.

Bracket Phase
- In the first round, The #1 seed will face-off VS the #8 seed. Then #2 VS #7, #3 VS #6, until finally #4 VS #5.
- Both teams will be called in wave 1 by a vouched referee from BA Services OR Totus. Again, be ready outside of wave 1 for your turns.
- Both teams are going to start their rounds at the same time, witnessed and controlled by the referee. First to spawn by the ladder wins.
The team that loses will be eliminated from the Tournament.
- There will be a quarter finals, semi finals, and final round.

Note: This bracket is single elimination. This means if you lose your race, your team is eliminated!

You can find the Link for the Tournament Brackets here.

BA gameplay related rules:
  • Switching Roles mid-round is NOT allowed.
  • Wave end Forces are allowed.
  • You must have duo-attackers.
  • OS'ing is allowed

With everything cleared up, we expect @everyone to remember to be polite, and play for fun.
This is meant to be a good opportunity for all of us to get along together and attract new players into different activities.

Any attempts of disturbing the event, rudeness towards other players or creation of a toxic environment won't be tolerated.
Any team can form and play during the event, and maybe race each other! Go wild and enjoy yourselves!

Thank you, and we look forward to seeing you all for the event!

~Events team.
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