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Prodigy's Advanced Leech Attacker Guide

El Prodigy

Star Emeritus
Nov 4, 2018
El Prodigy
DISCLAIMER: this guide is not meant for starting leech attackers. This guide will provide almost no basics to attacking, if you
want to know most of the basic strategies leech attackers use and what gear an attacker should wear, you should check out Gau Cho's Attacker Guide:

This guide is mostly going to be based on my own experiences as an attacker in Ba Services for the last 5-6 months, most of this guide will NOT be based on actual evidence of what the BEST method is for each and every situation, but it will provide a good blueprint for most of the advanced strategies of a leech attacker.

This guide is also open for changes, not everything I say and provide in this guide will be closed matter: I am always open to learn new (and better) methods myself, but most of the methods and strategies used in this guide feel like they are the best approaches to each and every situation as of right now.

The format will not be the best, I'm writing most of this by inspiration and without a real gameplan other than just giving you all my insights.

I will be using a wave by wave breakdown to show the "most" efficient way of approaching each and every wave

That being said, enjoy and I hope you learn something new - total estimated time to read this through and watching a few clips is only going to be about 15 minutes tops.

First of all, my inventory setup is the following:


Every slot of my inventory has a specific purpose as to why I put this item here.
My switches are lined up from most important to least important (hally > void helm > tort > bring (i) > prims), from high to low strength - mostly because
in lower waves I like to hally sometimes. In lower waves you don't have to fullswitch to kill most of the monsters, so a 3-4 way of the highest strength
bonuses will suffice.
Right next to my 5way hally there is a 6 way dinhs with the highest str bonus gloves (ferocious gloves) and a serpentine helm (to make use of the poison effect, mostly on w9 in niche situations).
My scythe is placed as close to my 5 way hally without making my arrows be awkwardly placed, so I can easily switch into a 5way scythe on later waves.

OPTIONAL: bring a bandos chestplate/tassets switch - although I personally do not recommend an instant 8 way switch into everything, you can still 5way void and switch to bandos, serp and fero gloves on your 2nd and 3rd specs.

I will now go over every single wave and I will break down every single choice I would make in most of the situations that can occur.
Take note: early waves will go a bit more indepth regarding damage distribution, because a lot of the later waves all followed the same pattern.
I will also put a cheat sheet of attack distribution under each wave 1 and 2 because here your attack distribution matters the absolute most cause of the 2 fighters that can be out at any given time.

Wave 1 strategy:
Run up, hit R1 with either magic comp bow or 3ab, switch into msb (i) and spec F1, hit the R1 off if it's still alive, hit the F1 off if it's still alive,
hit F2, hit R2, hit F2 off if it's still alive, hit R2 off if it's still alive, repeat for 3rd - msb spec F4, hit R4, dbow R4

After running up, hitting R1 and speccing F1 it's fine to not instantly finish off the fighter, you will have time enough between hitting R1 off and hitting F1 off, it will not ruin your next spawn
From my own experience: msb spec F4, hit R4, dbow R4 is about 50% 30, 49% 31 and 1% 33 - I've yet to get a 36s wave 1 using this method
Why speccing F4 into dbow R4 is no good: you will get 30 like 80-85%, you WILL get 36 in 15-20% of the situations. Quick maths, over 10 games you will have 5*30s, 5x 31s = 305s with my method, you will have 8*30s, 2*36s = 312s with the yolo method.

R1 = 1st ranger
s = spec
f = finish off, if necessary
d = dbow
sc = spec claws


Target time: 30-31s

30s wave 1:

31s wave 1:

Wave 2 strategy:
Repeat most of the steps of wave 1, although here you want to try and conserve your last spec as much as possible - if you're on time for spawns you should hit 30s fighter and instantly spec (claw or msb) it for a guaranteed force s or e runner - if you're on time you should be able to fit in your last arrow at about 29, then tag fighter and spec it (as shown in video).


Target time: forced south (37s)/east (40s)

37s wave 2 force:

Wave 3 strategy:
Run up, hit R1, hit F1, keep switching and be sure to not lose a ranger spawn (3 out at one time max), if your wave is becoming bad you should try tagging ranger on spawns for a cheeky 30s hally on rangers (your coll doesn't have to dd for this, although if they want to they can) - other than that try to keep specs for last 2 rangers (preferably claws while they are tagged, so they don't run away)
When you get the option to dinhs first call, do it at 30s mark - if you get the option to dinhs second call, make all of the leftover monsters low and dinhs the last ranger at 36s, you will have time for 2 dinhs specs and force 43 (south runner)
Another way of handling the second call is tagging ranger at 30, tag fighter and hally at 36s, you'll be able to spec a second time into a force - the downside of this is that your coll has to be very wary about what you're doing, so it's not always suggested.

Target time: forced south (43s)/east (46)s

46s wave 3 force:

Wave 4 strategy:
In wave 4 it becomes very apparent whether you can make good use of your special attack options to get quick wave ends. Always try tagging rangers on spawn while keeping the reserves in check. Hally/dinhs on 30 will almost guarantee 48 (or force). Mostly repeat of w3 but if you're not comfortable hally/dinhs on 30s you can keep last 2 specs for 2 rangers or a fighter and a ranger.
A good way you can handle wave 4 is tagging ranger at 30, tagging fighter and speccing at 36s again (like wave 3) - the only problem is you will not include the 36s fighter in your specs, but this will almost guarantee you a 48s wave end aswell.

Target time: 48 or forced 49-50 (yes, 42 is possible but even with the best execution you need a fuckton of RNG to get a 42)

48s wave 4 w/dinhs:

48s wave 4 w/hally:

Wave 5 strategy:
Wave 5 is basically a repeat of wave 4 but now you're trying to keep fighter reserves in check while tagging rangers on spawn (3 out at any given time max). Here you can decide to hally at 36 instead of 30 if this is easier for you. If you aren't hallying this wave you're going to need some RNG to get sub 54. Same tactic as wave 4, but try to put a hally spec at 42s and finish off the rest with bow. If you get the option to dinhs either first or second call, most definitely do it.

Target time: 48 or 54 (48 is only possible with hally'ing on 30/36 or both, maybe with crazy rng you can bow them all but don't expect it OR dinhs)

48s wave 5:

Before I continue with wave 6 and onwards I'd like to say that these 5 first waves are key moments where you can gain time as an attacker. There's not a lot of difference between a good and a great attacker on later waves, because most of the good attackers will also finish before a healer to force the wave-end. The biggest difference between a good and a great attacker is early waves efficiency and usage of special attacks at key moments (ranger/fighter spawns).

Wave 6 strategy:
Most of the upcoming waves are going to be mostly the same
Run up, tag ranger, tag fighter, tag next ranger, tag fighter, hit ranger, tag next ranger, hit ranger, hit ranger - on 30s you can choose to tag or finish off a ranger/fighter if you have not killed 2 rangers and 1 fighter yet (need 2/1 to spawn all reserves). Hally on 36 or tag ranger 36s, tag fighter then finish them all off with some hallies. If you do this good there's almost no way you get a time higher than 60s.

One key thing to do in mostly wave 6's and 7's is making sure your fighter isn't running east, if it is aggro'd on def/heal try to get it back with a tag, because keeping everything west in these waves is going to be key to get a sub60 + force.

Target time: sub 60 (preferably 54 to have time to run east) to force a 60-63 healer end

54s wave 6:

Wave 7 strategy:
Repeat of wave 6, but now you want to kill 2 fighters and 1 ranger before hally speccing, so prioritize your hits on fighters mostly.
If the stack is fine, spec at 36, hit a fighter with msb, spec at 42, spec again - if the stack is not fine, spec at 42, hit a fighter, spec at 48, spec again

Target time: 60 - 66 is fine to force 75 if necessary, otherwise 78

60s wave7:

Wave 8 strategy:
Repeat of wave 6, in this wave all fighters will always come out - you'll only need to hit rangers, cause there will be 3 reserves, so prioritize your attacks on rangers. I like speccing at 42 more, but if you want to start the cycle at 36 because you're scared coll won't make points then go ahead, but be aware you won't have a spec to tag 48 ranger in stack unless you delay your last spec.

Target time: 72 is fine, but you should be able to get atleast 66s

54s wave 8:

Wave 9 strategy:
Repeat of wave 7, kill 2 fighters 1 ranger as that will spawn all reserves, same strategy as wave 8 where you spec 42, hit fighter, spec 48, spec again.
Make use of extending calls/dupes of red eggs if you are capable of doing it.

Target time: 72-78

72s wave 9 (44:23 in this video):

Wave 10 strategy:
Repeat of wave7, kill 2 fighters 1 ranger as that spawns all reserve, spec 36/42, hit fighter, spec 42/48, spec again, just be in time to ext/dupe eggs -
watch out when you're done sub60 to not lure and deaggro the 60 healer spawn

Target time: 60-66 is fine once again

60s wave 10:


Some general thoughts:
- guess arrows on first call, dbow on second call
- never be afraid to hally w4-5 - your coll will have time to pick up enough eggs - 100% dinhs if you get the option, even if it is for 3 monsters at a 30s interval
- try to restack yourself, don't let it solely depend on your collector
- pick up extending + duping reds on waves 8, 9 and 10 mostly - you can make a decent healer a god healer by doing this

Thanks for reading, if you want to have input into this guide, if you don't agree with certain things then for sure tell me and we can have a discussion about it.

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