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Bas Leech Races


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Jun 11, 2018
Arthur / Soric / Connad
Ba Services Leech Races

Next BAS Races: Saturday 8th of February (2/8/2020) - W513 - 21:00GMT

Ba service Leech races are held on a monthly basis, on the Second Saturday of each month, at 21:00GMT. BAS Leech Races are available to all ranks; trialed or vouched for in bas, as well as others in the community who receive a vouch that applies only to races. Bas races will be run no different to how races have always been done, only there is selective entry. But, if you’re unfamiliar with that this thread will explain how races work.

The winning teams of each race are entered into the races record on the zeta. We aren’t offering rewards for winners, as Bas races are intended to be friendly competition. We want Bas Leech races to provide opportunity for skilled baers to take part in races with other skilled baers, allowing for some higher competition. However, we still want it to be a welcoming event and want to avoid causing tension around performance. For that reason winning gets you only bragging rights, and bullying/flaming will not be permitted. lacklustre race performance will not be penalised in any way, nor will stars consider your race performance as indicative of your leech performance. Do not worry about have to "pass a bar of entry," just come and have a good time.

Not Ranked?

Previously Bas had a vouch list for participation in races, but going forward anyone in the Ba community is welcome to come and participate, either in the teams, as the mock leech, or just to spectate and hang out!

Please feel free to invite your friends or others in the community. Moreover, if you are ranked in bas, but not in all roles, this is an opportunity where you can try out those other roles!

What Are Leech Races?

Leech Races are just like regular BA races, only 1 person on each team will act as a 'leech', similar to how actual leeches work in Ba Services. The aim is still the same: get the fastest time, and beat the other teams. However, this 5th player, the 'leech', cannot contribute to the team in any way whatsoever. The one thing they are expected to do is to run to the western cannon at the start of every wave, and then AFK there.

Races Guide

First, if you’re interested in partaking, stand at the northwest corner of the hallway outside the wave 1 entrance. If you are not racing, stand at least east of the crate between the wave 1 and wave 2 wall. Do not enter wave 1.

After the event organizer/host counts the amount of people prepared to race, they will delegate captains for the amount of teams fillable, and select people to be the leech for each team (People will either volunteer, alts will be used, or people refereeing will leech). We ask you stand at the northwest corner so that we can count how many people are participating easier. Once this is done however, you may stand wherever in the hallway you choose, provided you’re west of the wave 1/wave 2 crate, otherwise you will be mistaken for a spectator.

The captains will then form a line in wave 1, parallel with the entrance wall, and will proceed to select players, in turns, from the hallway (Schoolyard pick). The captains take turns choosing players as such:
C1, C2, C3, C4, C5 x2, C4, C3, C2, C1, repeat.

When you have been picked by a captain, enter wave 1 and stand behind them, or at the end the line of players behind them. Once all the teams are full, your captain will tell you to join a cc of their choosing. In the cc, you will decide on roles, discuss strategy, etc. Attackers may need to gear in this time, so don’t rush or stress about taking your time.

Once your team is ready and scrolled, your captain and/or scroller will stand at the ladder, and you will stand on the north-east corner of wave 1; Only do this if you’re absolutely ready as this signals to the host exactly that.

The host may request actions/movements at this stage to demonstrate that you have not gone afk. After which, the host will give a signal and the race will begin.

If you’re interested in reading information regarding all past Bas Races you can find that here:
Bas Races Record.

Simpler Breakdown

1. Referee will enter Wave 1 Lobby
2. All people willing to participate will stand on the NW most tile outside of wave 1
3. Referee will determine the amount of teams participating
4. Referee will nominate a captain for each team, and volunteers will first nominate and then be selected as each team's 'leech' - (If it is possible these will be event hosts, Bas stars, or community members who would normally have chosen to spectate)
5. Captains will select 3 teammembers each, one at a time, in an ABCCBA order. This is so the teams can be balanced out. When you are selected, enter wave 1 and stand behind your captain.
6. Teams will join the Captain's CC, and decide on roles.
7. When ready, teams will all stand on the NE most tile of the Wave 1 room, and the team scroller will stand next to the ladder.
8. Referee will ask for an AFK check before starting the Race, and then count down: 3,2,1,Go
9. The Race begins!
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