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Wave 10 relure method


Jun 11, 2018
If you have any questions about the guides/method, feel free to contact any star rank!

  1. Put 1 safety food south-west of the trap (make sure to stay out of sight of the healers and not to place it too far east as the last runner has a chance of targeting it later on). -> This is completely optional. Safety food is not needed at all and lots of people even recommend to not do it. We're just adding it to the guide so you know it is possible.
  2. Place 3 correct food north-west of the trap.
  3. Place 1 food at the trail (square '3').
  4. Place around 4 correct food at the mainstack south-east of the healer cave (square '4')
  5. If you’re fast you can get the hammer then run to the healer cave to lose a potential agro from the 4th healer at 24s. Otherwise just run to the square west of the healer spawn. You can also stand 1-2 squares south of the spawn, or at the square 4 until 22-23 to prevent stacking any healers on the spawn.
  6. Grab 2 logs then the hammer if you didn’t already picked up the hammer during the previous step.
  7. Run to the west square of the trap.
  8. If there’s no food left at the trap, drop 3 correct food immediately so the runners target it (if your healer calls late, drop 1 of any food. If it’s wrong, just drop 3 correct food and pick up the wrong food you first dropped. If it was correct in the first place, just drop another 2 food).
  9. Wait until 44-45s and step north of the trap (if you don't use a timer, you can step north after the last runner has moved 3 tiles). This enables you to lure the 42s healer at the crater north if it agroes onto you.

  10. Fix the trap and let the last runner retarget the food at the mainstack by the healer cave
    • If the 48s healer agroes you, the collector, or the attackers, step east of the trap again and drop a correct food immediately.
    • If the 48s healer agroes the healer, delay dropping the last food until the 48s healer agroes the runner. If you see that the healer is wandering too far away from the runner you can just drop the food immediately and ignore the relure, but this rarely happens.
    • Many healers will go for 78s end, and will kill the 42s healer by this time, so lose it if the healer tells you to.
  11. Run to the cannon, but make sure you see the last runner retarget the trap food, otherwise it won’t render (i.e. the game won’t register that it eats at the trap and die).

  12. If the 48s healer is on you, place it in the south-east corner of the cannon (along with the 42s healer if necessary, although you can also split the 42s south of the cannon sometimes, but make sure the 48s is always is the south-east corner, even if you have to stack the 42).

Without safety food:

With safety food:


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