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A/C Block with Crystal Halberd


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Jun 11, 2018
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A/C Block (Waves 5-9)
The collector's role is very important. The collector must stand on certain tiles at specific points in time. As mentioned earlier, monsters spawn every 6 seconds. Therefore, the first Fighter and Ranger spawn at 6 seconds; the second Fighter and Ranger spawn at 12 seconds, and so on. As a collector, you must either use a timer or pay attention to when the monsters spawn to keep track of time.

The most important thing is that at NO point in time do you ever step on the ranger spawn (R) while there are monsters alive.

Here are the steps which you must do:
  • After you run up to the northwest corner, you should go and stand on the tile labelled C1. Occasionally, Penance Rangers will wander northeast immediately after spawning - you therefore block them from wandering further east.
  • At 13-17 seconds (i.e., before the 3rd batch of monsters spawn), you should move to C2. Then, at 20-23 seconds (i.e. before the 4th batch of monsters spawn), you should move back to C1. By doing this, any Penance Fighter standing to the east of of you will get trapped to the west of C1.
  • You must absolutely be standing on C1 from 24-30 seconds without moving, or else the a/c block does not work.
  • If the second call is accurate, the attacker will use Dinh's bulwark and so you can abandon the a/c block and collect eggs freely.
  • Otherwise, after the call change, you have a few seconds to collect eggs that are ADJACENT to the ranger spawn. While grabbing eggs, try to move the fighters onto the ranger spawn tile R.
  • By 36 seconds, you must drag all the fighters that are attacking you back onto the ranger spawn, and then stand on the tile A2. After that, while the attacker is using his special attacks, you may directly click on any of the yellow squares to go there and collect eggs - this should not move any of the fighters away from the central tile. Be careful not to disrupt the attacker.
  • After the attacker has used his special attacks, you may freely run around and collect/load eggs.

A/C Block (Wave 10)
Due to the unique characteristics of the wave 10 map, fighters and rangers are much more likely to aggro onto the defender or healer and end up in the middle of the map.

To perform the a/c block, the collector stands on the yellow square, and the attacker stands on the red square. From 0-23 seconds, if a fighter is attacking the collector from the east, s/he must step 2 squares west, wait 1 tick, then step 2 squares back east to the original spot. This brings the fighter to the west side of the player.

Monsters will start to be aggroed east to the center of the map at 24-36 seconds, so you must stand still on the indicated tiles during that time. Monsters that try to go east will instead be stuck behind the attacker/collector, keeping them in the northwest corner.


One important thing to understand is the concept of whether or not a tile is solid. When you step onto a tile, the tile is marked as "solid", preventing any monster from stepping on that tile. When you step off that tile, the tile is marked as "unsolid", allowing monsters to step onto that tile. If you are 3 people standing on a tile, and you step off that tile, the tile will be marked as "unsolid", allowing monsters to walk through the tile even though there are 2 more players on that tile. In a similar vein, if the attacker is standing on his block spot, and the collector "runs through" the attacker, the attacker's tile is marked as "unsolid". To remake the tile "solid", you need to step off and back on the tile.

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