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Collector Guide


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Jun 11, 2018
Mintos / Rescued
The collector role is by far the easiest role to perform (hence not needing an additional trial), yet a lot of newer ranks are afraid to try out this role. The purpose of this guide is to summarize the important information from other guides to make learning the coll role easier.

Waves 1-9:
- At the start of each wave while running to the northwest corner, you should always stay west of the red line (see image below) so you do not lure newly spawning penance healers.

- Pick up as many eggs as you can. It is highly recommend to use an item overlay on a third party client like RuneLite.

When a Fighter/Ranger/Runner/Healer is killed it will drop 2x of each egg type; Red, Blue and Green. These eggs fall into a 3x3 square pattern, much like the keypad on your keyboard. In general, Red eggs usually spawn 1 square northeast of a dying monster. Blue eggs usually spawn southeast of a dying monster. Green eggs usually spawn south of a dying monster.

There are 3 specific patterns for which the eggs fall, unless they are blocked (by a wall) then they will clump into the centre square. The first pattern is as follows:

Layout 1:

Layout 2:

Layout 3:

Another picture describing where eggs fall. Bottom right picture showing order in which eggs stack.

other notes about eggs:
- if a square is blocked by a wall/object, the egg that would drop there drops in the middle square
- newer eggs drop underneath older eggs
- the pattern is random for each monster

- Once your inventory is full, destroy the eggs to make space and then continue picking up more eggs. To quickly destroy eggs, simply shift-click to destroy the bottom-right-most egg.

- Try to stand as far west as possible when not picking up eggs (west of the yellow line in the image below). By standing far west, you will be out of view of most penance healers and this will improve spread for the healer considerably.
Wave 1-5: Stay west of the red line.
Wave 6-9: Stay west of the yellow line. Try not to cross it when possible

Example Wave

Wave 10:
- You must run up west of the cannon platform.

- Make sure to stay within two tiles of the ranger spawn (do not cross the red line in the image below).

- Any eggs collected on wave 10 don't count towards points, so your main focus on wave 10 is getting reds to shoot the healers.

- If the 2nd call is red, collect eggs for the entire 2nd call and load + shoot healers during the 3rd call.

- If the 2nd call is green or blue, collect eggs until ~45s, go west around the cannon platform to the converter, convert your eggs into reds (see useful links for a conversion guide) and then load + shoot healers during the 3rd call.

When to Load/Shoot:

Torsos: can be broken into 3 different sections: vial round, max eggcount round & speed rounds

Vial round (when the leech is healer):
  • On waves 8-9, the healer will be filling his vial and healing the other members of the team for additional points. You should run east anytime before the end of the 3rd call (between 75s and 90s). You can destroy eggs while running and then continue picking up eggs at east trap.
  • Unequip your armour on waves 8-9 until you reach approximately half health so that more points are obtained from being healed, then re-equip your armour so you don't die.

Max eggcount round (when leech is collector)
  • There is no reason to go east on any waves, just collect as many eggs as you can in the north-west corner

Speed rounds (when leech is defender/attacker)
  • On waves 7-9, if you get reds on 2nd call go load the east cannon and shoot the healers
  • On waves where the 2nd call is blue or green, collect eggs until ~45s, go convert the eggs into reds (see useful links for a conversion guide), load the east cannon and shoot the healers.

Average number of eggs needed for 360 points (excluding attacker penalties/vialling):
  • Healer - 55 points needed - 258 eggs in full round (fewer eggs needed after vialling)
  • Collector - 82 points needed - 188 eggs in full round
  • Defender - 3 points needed - 32 eggs in full round
  • Attacker - 10 extra points (no points needed)

- Every round of a hat leech should be treated like a vial round (un-equip armor, focus on picking up as many eggs as possible, run east before the end of 3rd call to be healed)

Level 5's:
  • When the leech is healer, focus on max eggcount but go east for heals on waves 8-9.
  • When the leech is collector, go for max eggcount.
  • When the leech is defender/attacker, go for max eggcount as well. However, if you have red eggs, you may load the cannon (never convert or shoot) so that the attacker and defender can shoot eggs while you continue picking up more eggs (I personally think loading is pointless since atk typically finishes last).

Queen kill - Diary:
- Treat like a speed round (aim to load reds on waves 7-10)

Advanced Techniques:

A/C Block:
- The A/C block is mandatory to learn as a collector:

Useful links:
Call timer script - useful for keeping track of call changes/spawns/other timings

- If you are ever in doubt of what you should be doing as coll:
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